About Us

P.I.F.F. Magazine Issue 4.4 “The Inspiration Issue”

Our Purpose

P.I.F.F. Magazine is the magazine that offers a promotional platform for the underground, independent, and aspiring talent. Highlighting all entertainers looking for a place in which to have their voices heard, we are the bridge between the streets and the entertainment industry.

The voice of the underground and the community, we represent all models, music artists, comedians, poets, photographers, athletes, fashion designers, dancers, and entrepreneurs of the entertainment industry. 

Providing industry services for individuals and brands worldwide, the P.I.F.F. stamp has made a strong presence in Atlanta, Arizona, California, and many areas in the East Coast ranging from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey down to Maryland and the DMV.

Our Approach

What makes us unique is we do not cater to industry entertainers only; we are out here everyday granting access to the best of the best up-and-coming talent of the future. We believe that up-and-coming entertainers are the most important aspect of the industry – the stories, the struggles, and most of all the survivors and warriors.

Our Story

Co-signed by Ray Daniels, CEO of The Radio Connect and Power 96.5 FM’s Music Director and On-Air Personality, Positive Influence For the Future Magazine has become one of the “number one sources for Urban Entertainment, models, music, poetry, and politics”.

Sponsored by some of the biggest companies in the hip-hop industry such as Wu-Tang’s East Coast Killa Beez, Powerhouse 106 FM, Brink TV, and Tha Block Studios to name a few, We are the primary source for A&R and Industry executives who are looking for the hottest new talent around.

Whether you’re small-time, big-time, or just somebody who’s interested in learning more about the entertainment industry and its business, we’re supporting your dream and burning away all the nonsense while giving you some strong  

P. ositive I. nfluence F. or the F. uture

Meet the Team

Our team at P.I.F.F. Magazine is dedicated to providing you with the best in industry services, resources, and connections to help elevate your career goals in the entertainment industry and bring you next-level success!

Xavier “CompleX” Prue

CEO/ Founding Editor

Journalist with over 15 years in the game, he’s the write choice for all your publishing needs.

Elle Taitague

Managing Partner

A woman with a heart of gold and a solid business sense, Elle has an ear for music and the connections to get it viral.

Ri Royal

Assistant Editor

A journalist and a pilot, she reps AZ to the fullest and can get your career flying in the best directions.


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