Why Advertise with P.I.F.F.?

Because why not? The digital age has changed many industries and upon the emergence of smart phones and Kindles and Tablets 10 years ago, worldwide readership took a major drop. However, 1 thing is for sure and 2 things are for certain: magazines don’t seem to be going anywhere and ever since 2015, readership has been on a steady increase. Rather than being displaced by “instant media”, magazine publications seem to be the complimentary partner like peanut butter and jelly.

Is it because magazines offer what social media and digital media can’t? In an opposing effort of rapidly changing feeds and blog posts, a magazine remains timeless and offers a more personal and in-depth bond with the reader and engages us in a more intimate manner. This connection extends to advertising; which is the reason why even amongst a new digital generation, magazines continue to be the #1 platform for consumer consumption and buyer interest and product placement; even down to the simplest things such as food, drink, and clothing.

Since 2012, Positive Influence For the Future Magazine [P.I.F.F.] has been known as one of the main go-to sources for people looking for the next biggest talent to emerge from the local scene and explode onto the mainstream commercial market. Representing and supported by hundreds of music artists, models, comedians, athletes, A&Rs, producers, actors, and many more entertainers, we are supported worldwide and growing more each day. Advertise today with a brand that’s constantly being sought out for the next hottest trend and increase your brand awareness by 33%. You deserve it. Why WOULDN’T you want to advertise with P.I.F.F.??