P.I.F.F. Magazine changes the game.

Created on December 26, 2012 by Xavier “CompleX” Prue, former Assistant Editor of Street Connfinement Magazine and prior known as “X-Caliber”, Positive Influence For the Future exploded on to the scene and forever changed the game.

Emerging at a time when electronic devices such as smartphones, Tablets, Kindles, and iPods were first taking over the public consumer market and the overall reading level around the world – or at least in America – was plummeting fast and people were either switching to reading digitally or ditching reading altogether, P.I.F.F. Magazine was deemed to never survive.

Told that there would never exist a market of interest in indepedent, underground, or aspiring talent, industry execs urged Mr. Prue to find something better to do with his time. Boy, were they wrong!

7 years later, P.I.F.F. Magazine stands as one of the first breakout magazines to honor the independent market and has helped boost the careers of several aspiring acts from indie to mainstream. The “Voice of the Underground”, P.I.F.F. is all about pushing those to reach their dreams and achieve positive goals and they refuse to stop until the underdog is at the top!

To check out some of their latest promos and featured talent acts, visit: www.piffmag.com for the fan page.

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