Be Seen

We have photographers and videographers located throughout the entire United States for the upmost shooting selection.



Video Placement

Video Editing

Photo Editing



Website Placement

Be Felt

With brand influencers & promoters all over the globe, we reach an estimated 40K+ organic social media users & 10K engagements per month.

Social Media Promotion

Blog Posts

Magazine Placement

Web Designing

Press Releases


Product Placement

Be Heard

Have your music heard on multiple national platforms including TV, radio, and many more available platforms from mainstream to indie.

Radio Distribution

Song Distribution

Video Distribution

Venue Performances

Studio Time


Doing it the POSITIVE way.

Looking to help indie talent achieve their next goal, we offer professional consultation meetings at our corporate offices to sit down 1-and-1 with our clients and review how we can create the best promotional campaign for your next talent. Every consultation comes with a FREE feature inside P.I.F.F. Magazine!!!

Turn your dreams into your goals and turn your goals into your achievements…

Ready to get started and reach your next goal in your career? Contact us today and let us help you set up your next promotional campaign!

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